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Popular Wine Bars In Melbourne

Marion in Fitzroy

Even before you go inside, you can sense the welcoming, casual atmosphere and genuine warmth. Low lighting, comfortable seating, and a selection of small plates suited for sharing can be found inside this quiet wine bar. It also serves delicious appetizers such as smoked chilli mussel dip spread on a crisp chip and prawns coated in a spicy sauce.

The basis is notable for serving premium quality wines such as Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio and many brands.

Gerald’s Bar

If walls could talk, you’d hear all the fascinating stories told by the informed residents and tourists who frequent this cosy wine bar. The centre element of the area is a curved bar with a running ladder, which is topped with a daily menu handwritten by an employee.

Willows & Wine | West Melbourne

Willows & wine is a wine bar and restaurant located in West Melbourne, close to Queen Victoria Market. The shelves are filled floor to ceiling with wine bottles and carefully organized secondhand books. Feel free to take a book and read it while you sip, and if you find yourself unable to put it down, don’t worry since they’re all for sale.

Willows & wine serves a glass of wine and a cheese board while you sit back and catch up with friends or family.

Milton Wine Shop

Although many of Melbourne’s top wine bars may be found in the city’s green northern suburbs, Milton Wine Shop is the champion that the city’s southern suburbs deserve. Milton, a wine shop and cafe in Malvern, is located to the southeast of Melbourne. They sell a large range of excellent wines, which are ideal for tasting in the shop or taking home.

The wine bar serves varieties of natural wines that are free of chemicals, and other additions are particularly popular. The natural wines in non-alcoholic wines served at Milton Wine shop are worth trying despite their somewhat greater price because it is often assumed that they lessen the chance of a hangover. However, guests must watch how much they drink. Milton Wine’s bartenders impose a “no wine snobbery” policy.